Florida Medicaid Benefits for Nursing Homes and Assisted Living, Long-term Care Planning in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and all Florida Counties

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For twenty years we have successfully helped families preserve their assets and qualify for Florida Nursing Home Medicaid benefits and Assisted Living public benefits

“I understand the fear and panic that you can feel when your parent or spouse is faced with the possibility of high cost nursing home care or is diagnosed with a life threatening illness. My law firm can help protect your assets and qualify for government programs, whether your family member is already in a nursing home or planning to go into a nursing home or assisted living facility. It is never too late to start your Florida Medicaid and Asset Preservation Plan, but it is important to hire an experienced Florida elder law attorney, Florida Medicaid and estate planning attorney.”

-Barbara Buxton, Esquire

What is Florida Nursing Home Medicaid

The Medicaid Institutionalized Care Program (ICP), a benefit program under the Florida Statewide Medicaid Managed Care Long-Term Care Program, is a government program that pays for much of the cost for individuals residing in nursing homes. The applicant must meet certain medical and financial criteria. The financial requirements are based on the “income cap” and “asset test” and are different for single people and for married people.

How We Can Help You

The Law Offices of Barbara Buxton, P.A., focuses on long-term care planning, including Florida Medicaid benefits and Estate Planning techniques to assist you in qualifying for Medicaid benefits before you needlessly spend your life savings to pay for nursing home care. Although it is never too late to begin your long-term care planning, it is never too early either. We will customize a plan for your family using strategies that will preserve as much of your assets as is legally possible and qualify your loved one for Florida Nursing Home Medicaid, or for in home or assisted living facility long-term care Medicaid benefits.  We will make the process simple and easy by always giving detailed explanations and updates, and promptly addressing your questions and concerns. By using all available techniques, we are able to obtain maximum monthly Florida Medicaid benefits for our clients.

In addition to helping you or your loved ones understand the various strategies and techniques used for Florida Medicaid qualification, we will also evaluate if other types of public benefits programs may be used as an alternative.

Our Florida Medicaid Services

  • Florida Medicaid Pre-Crisis Planning and Florida Medicaid Crisis Planning
  • Asset Preservation from the cost of Florida nursing home care
  • Florida Medicaid Qualification, Medicaid Applications, Attendance at the Medicaid appointment
  • Nursing Home Planning
  • An Asset Transfer Plan
  • Utilization of exempt assets
  • Preparation of documents such as a Durable Power of Attorney, Living Will and Health Care Power of Attorney, Last Will and Testament, Designation of Pre-Need Guardian, along with preparation and the funding of a Revocable Trust for your spouse
  • Preparation and instructions on the operation of a Qualified Income Trust if the applicant’s income exceeds Florida’s “income cap.”
  • Preparation and instructions on the operation of a Personal Service Contract
  • Advanced techniques if needed

It is never too early to plan your Florida Medicaid program qualification. An elder law attorney can evaluate your situation, help you preserve assets, and avoid very costly mistakes.

Medicaid qualification rules in Florida can be very complicated. There are many alternatives and planning opportunities to utilize based on an individual’s assets and the time frame for entering a nursing home. Before any action is taken, you should consult a qualified Florida elder law attorney who can explain the many asset preservation strategies and the Florida Medicaid program.

We regularly work with the out-of-state children of Florida residents and look forward to speaking with you about your particular situation.