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Probate Litigation Archives

Creditors can access your trust assets

As you begin to plan out the details of your estate administration documents, you may be considering how to handle existing debts that affect your estate. To avoid probate litigation after you have already established your will, it is a good idea to explore a variety of options for your debt. Be aware that many myths exist about sheltering your estate from the effects of your existing debts, many of which could affect your assets after your death.

Gay widower's claim to estate affirmed

As the Defense of Marriage Act has been struck down by the Supreme Court, an increasing number of Florida estate plans are likely to feature provisions for same-sex spouses. This situation is positive for those who create the estate plans, but their families may not be nearly as supportive. In one shocking example, the brothers of a gay New York man who left his partner as the executor of his will have again been denied their claim by a state probate court.

Woman left out of developer father's estate

Children and other family members that are left out of an inheritance most often feel angry and betrayed. These feelings can often lead to battles in a probate court to determine whether or not they are truly entitled to a deceased family member's fortune.

Family fights over slain Florida millionaire's estate

The pricey estate of a Florida man is still up in the air after he was murdered in 2009. However, the picture is becoming clearer over who might inherit the assets, which include such extravagant items as a yacht, classic cars and two homes.

Jackson family disputes will

The death of pop star Michael Jackson three years ago sparked interest in Florida and beyond when it came to who would raise his three children and oversee his estate. Now, the estate administration has been called into question as part of a family feud.

Author's estate, studio in flap over publication

Miami residents of a certain age undoubtedly will remember "The Godfather" series of books written by the late Mario Puzo and adapted for the big screen. Now, the heirs to the estate of author Mario Puzo have agreed to sell the rights to an unpublished "Godfather"-inspired book to Paramount Pictures for development, though the family remains deeply divided with the studio.

Woman takes mother to Florida amid probate battle

One woman violated the orders of a probate court by unlawfully taking her mother to Florida with her and now she is about face the consequences. A Connecticut judge sentenced the woman to what is called accelerated rehabilitation. This punishment does not involve any jail time, but the woman must be careful to stay out of any sort of trouble for the next 18 months.