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June 2013 Archives

Live the good life by estate planning

As more Floridians reach ages well into their 90s, an increasing number of elderly residents are seeking to live "the good life." Experts say that planning for a "good death" is equally as important as maximizing the remaining years of your life; however, by considering proper estate planning processes, you can minimize the stress associated with your passing.

Include estate plan in emergency kit

In Oklahoma, they have tornados. The Mountain West has blizzards. Here, closer to home in Florida, we deal with the after-effects of hurricanes. Although all of these natural disasters are distinctly different, they all have one thing in common: They can compromise your estate plan by destroying critical documents. Experts in the field say your emergency planning kit should include not only first aid supplies and other, more traditional items, but also legal provisions in case of tragedy.

Avoid these common estate plan pitfalls

Even though it might seem that celebrities would have an easier time with estate planning because of their large fortunes, many wealthy and famous people are led astray by poor advisers. Mistakes among the richer set can help us avoid our own missteps, however. Today we will discuss strategies that can help prevent your estate from falling into the same pitfalls that besieged these celebrities' holdings.

Inheritances down with economic troubles

In the past, younger generations in Florida were generally able to count on significant inheritances after the passing of elder family members. This trend appears to be fading away with the new economy, however, leaving many Baby Boomers with fewer financial resources than their predecessors had. In fact, those in the new generations are often finding themselves paying for their parents' care rather than receiving monetary aid.