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March 2013 Archives

Estate planning for blended families

Blended families -- those that consist of parents that come into a marriage with children already -- can face a unique set of financial barriers and estate planning obstacles. This is important to note, because blended families are now more prevalent than traditional families.

New document could compliment living wills, DNRs

Documents like a living will and medical directive are staples of a solid estate plan. This information dictates how a man or woman will be cared for medically in the event they are incapacitated. However, even these estate planning tools prove flimsy in certain situations.

How to plan for your pets in your will

Many Florida residents already have excellent estate planning documents to provide for their human heirs, but what about their pets? Experts say that poor planning for your furry friends could cause them to be sent to a shelter, or, even worse, euthanized. Some families watch, horrified, as the decedent's children simply set the pets loose into the wild because they are unwilling to care for the animals. Setting aside financial resources for the care of your animals after your death is an important consideration for every pet owner.

How to avoid fighting over a will

While living wills are certainly a staple of proper estate planning, some men and women worry if the document will spark arguments amongst family members after they have passed away. Families that generally get along with one another can be blinded by big bucks and argue over who gets what, while other families simply do not get along period.