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August 2012 Archives

Estate plans vital for same-sex couples

For gay and lesbian couples, estate planning is more challenging than for traditional spouses. Because federal law does not recognize civil unions and gay marriage, passing on property, money or other items requires each partner to make accommodations for the other in a will. Without a will, and with no legal spouse or no children, estates would be tied up in probate.

Remember to plan for priceless possessions

In estate planning, individuals often worry about the big picture, such as preparing for the eventual transfer of the high-value items, such as cash, stock portfolios or homes. But residents of Miami and across the U.S. need to ask this question: Who should inherit property that has more sentimental than monetary value?

Jackson family disputes will

The death of pop star Michael Jackson three years ago sparked interest in Florida and beyond when it came to who would raise his three children and oversee his estate. Now, the estate administration has been called into question as part of a family feud.