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March 2012 Archives

Learning from Whitney Houston's will

Many men and women in Florida, and throughout the rest of the United States, turn their attention to the topic of estate planning when a high-profile celebrity passes away. Sadly enough, sometimes average people are more concerned about what is contained in a celebrity's will than in their own.

How to change existing estate plans

A reminder to Miami-Dade County residents; a person's estate plan is an ever-changing entity. These alterations are needed because of major life changes, which can include changes in wealth, marrying or re-marrying or any other significant events that could render a previous estate plan ineffective. These changing scenarios will likely make a person rethink how they might want to distribute estate assets, who they want making health care decisions for them and so forth.

Woman takes mother to Florida amid probate battle

One woman violated the orders of a probate court by unlawfully taking her mother to Florida with her and now she is about face the consequences. A Connecticut judge sentenced the woman to what is called accelerated rehabilitation. This punishment does not involve any jail time, but the woman must be careful to stay out of any sort of trouble for the next 18 months.

More time for portability election for surviving spouse

Florida men and women who lost a spouse within the first six months of 2011 still have the chance to take advantage of a worthwhile estate planning measure. The United States Internal Revenue Service extended the deadline to file estate tax returns for widows and widowers with the option of making a portability election if their spouse passed away within the first six months of 2011.